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We secure your communication


easymeeting™ is the Unified Communication and Collaboration platform designed to assure the maximum level of security.

The system architecture covers the full communication chain, from clients to server, avoiding peer-to-peer situation. We encrypt everything: audio-video communication, data transfer and application sharing to guarantee that all your communication will follow a specific and secure path.
The easymeeting™ server can be installed in your private network, to provide services inside a fully controlled environment and to add further security elements (such as encryption, standard, proprietary or military-grade VPN tools, etc.).

We offer the total control of the technology platform and the unique opportunity of a complete know-how and the source code transfers. This allows the customer to dominate directly the system.

Moreover, you can completely customise your UCC platform and manage all the system configurations such as bandwidth consumption, users’ profiles and users’/groups’/conferences’ functionalities.

Technical sheet:

  • Server security
    • Tested for buffer overflow analysis, code injection for TCP communication, sql injection.
    • The database server (DBMS) is accessible only by the application server itself and only by authorized users.
  • Signalling and authentication security (client/server communication)
    • Users can login with username and password; strong authentication system by X.509 digital certificate (RSA algorithm up to 8192 bit) and smart card or crypto-token USB are available.
    • Client/Server authentication is based on a single TCP connection (default port 8010), encrypted with TWOFISH or AES keys (256 bit).
    • Encryption keys can be negotiated dinamically; easymeeting™ can use the Diffie-Hellman ephemeral mode keys exchange to allow the PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) in Transport Layer Security.
  • Client security
    • all streamings (audio/video/data) are encapsulated in a UDP tunnel, that can be encrypted with different symmetric algorithms (AES, IDEA, TWOFISH, SERPENT, CAMELIA with 256 bit keys).
    • easymeeting™ creates different keys for each session and dynamically changes them at given intervals.

For more information or to try easymeeting for free, please write to [email protected]

Download the brochure about security in easymeeting



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