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Apple-targeted Infections, Snooping Smartphones and Backdoors Back in Business
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Backdoors Back in Business: Latest News from the IT World


Every month, we round up the latest news from the cybersecurity world: take a look at the ones we selected for you.

Symantec: iOS Threats Doubled Over the Past Twelve Months
A recent Symantec research found that the amount of Apple-targeted infections and new malware threats has increased over the past two years, almost doubling during the last twelve months.
Read the whole article on Infosecurity Magazine

U.K. Spies Turn Your Smartphone Into a Bug in Tech War on Terror
According to privacy campaigners, British Government Communication Headquarters deploy cyber-snooping technology that turns your smartphone into a mobile bug.
Read the whole article on Bloomberg Business

Backdoors Are Back: FBI Pushes for Access into Encrypted Communications
FBI Director James Comey revealed he has been in talks with unspecified tech leaders about the need to sell communication gear that enables government access to encrypted communications.
Read the whole article on NetworkWorld



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