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The platform for
secure communication
in audio, video and data

Our Hushmeeting enterprise solutions are the most complete answer for governmental organizations, military departments, companies and VIP citizens who need to communicate with the guarantee of not being spied on.

Preventing any data breach, Hushmeeting is the only solution on the market granting:

  • A rich set of features: our solution is enriched with an unmatched full set of communication and collaboration features, such as audio, video, conferencing, messaging, file transfer, secure productivity tools for document, spreadsheet and email processing.
  • The highest security standards: featuring military grade and post-quantum encryption algorithms, our secure smartphones and laptops are the only ones on the market granting full protection at the SW, HW and OS layers. They are equipped with a custom OS to prevent malwares and spywares attacks, and a modified hardware against firmware and baseband attacks.
  • A real full technology control: installed at the Customer’s premises to prevent any unauthorized access by third parties, our solution allows a thorough source code inspection, giving our Customers the unique opportunity to autonomously check the system for backdoors and vulnerabilities.
  • Customization capabilities: Hushmeeting has been fully developed in house with no exceptions (server, protocols, codecs, OS, HW, …), in order to grant our Customers the full control of the provided solution, without compromises. The solution can be fully customized by the Customer, choosing their own encryption algorithms and SSL



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