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Banco BPM

Banco Popolare

BANCO BPM in the third largest banking group in the country: 25,000 employees, 2,300 branches and 4 million customers concentrated in Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont, the productive heart of Northern Italy.
It was officially born in 2017 by the merger between two major cooperative banks, Banco Popolare and Banca Popolare di Milano, merge on 1 January 2017.

Banco Popolare, now Banco BPM has chosen, for its shareholders meetings, the RFID voting system developed by Feedback Italia.
On April 24st 2010, **the largest Shareholders meeting** of Italian history took place in Novara thanks to the collaboration between Feedback Italia and Banco BPM, with over ten thousand shareholders.

From 2012, the AGM has become a multisite event, involving the four main poles of the bank.
Verona, Novara, Lodi and Lucca are the local place for the gobal AGM, limiting the movement of thousand of participants and allowing each to:

  • participate in the most confortable site
  • see works and discussions running on the main site
  • real time vote.

Banco BPM also uses all our easymeeting videoconference suite , with a carrier grade archtecture for maxiumum reliability and with an enterprise unlimited licence.
All employees have access to the videocommunication client directly by their desktop or by tablet. Moreover, they can call any legacy device using the H.323 gateways, that are dinamically allocated.

The easymeeting project for Banco BPM is a structured and complex project, that had a long internal testing period and requested some dedicated developments, such as the personalized graphic interface, with no background and corporate colors and elements.
We've developed also dedicated functionaties for the authentication through the bank Kerperos systems, as well as some specific usability improvements, related to the type of users and meetings.

easymeeting is daily used for internal communication, for the training - expecially towards the area directions, for the plenary events and for the interpidartimental technical meetings.

Press Release on AGMs:
2014 AGM - March
2011 AGM - November
2011 AGM - April
2010 AGM
2008 AGM



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