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The multinational Biesse Group has adopted an easymeeting™ license for 50 concurrent users, in Enterprise mode, in order to reduce transfers among the various plants and to optimize the team work of its employees. The Biesse Group was founded in 1969 and, since the beginning, presented itself in an innovative way in the field of woodworking machinery for the production of furniture.

To understand in detail the use of the interactive video communication software, we had a long chat with Dr. Capizzi, Information Systems Director for the Group and here below his interview.

Feedback Italia: “Good morning, I kindly ask you to present yourself and the Biesse Group: what do you do, how many employees are in the Group, if you have branches abroad and so on…”
Giuliano Capizzi: “My name is Giuliano Capizzi and I’m the Director of Information Systems at the Biesse Group. Biesse is a company that produces, since forty years, machinery for the working of wood, glass and stone. It's a global company with its headquarter in Pesaro and subsidiaries all around the world - now the Group has about 2,500 employees, most of them in Italy (around 1700). Biesse has two production companies, one in Italy and another in Bangalore (India), for the production of machines for the Indian market and the Far East one and It closed the 2010 with a turnover of 320 million EUR.”

Feedback Italia: "It seems to be a really good and stable reality, in particular regarding the last year that hasn’t been generally so positive from an economic point of view."
Giuliano Capizzi:"Yes, we have concluded a difficult period as it has been for all: by the way the past year has still comforted us..."

Feedback Italia:"Before using our video communication software, do you have an approximate idea about how many times per year did you have Group meetings and how many people had to travel for this kind of event?"
Giuliano Capizzi:"Basically the Group arranged two annual meetings during which all the heads of branches met in Pesaro to discuss and share the results of the past years and to outline the plans for the next one. This year we made only one meeting last November, but for the next one we are planning to do it by videoconference, without displacing anyone."

Feedback Italia:"This is the reason why you have purchased a significant number of contemporary users then? Your license includes, in fact, 50 concurrent users."
Giuliano Capizzi:"Yes, because we are using easymeeting™ in a multiple way: very often we find ourselves at the same time to use it for completely different needs and requirements: for training on one side and on the other for actual meeting so 50 concurrent users allow us to ensure availability to all. For example, in India the use it almost daily."

Feedback Italia:"Which features of easymeetingTM do you use more?"
Giuliano Capizzi:"Basically the part of the video sharing documents. The classic PowerPoint presentation that was being discussed making the people move in one meeting room, is now being shown and shared through this kind of features."

Feedback Italia:"Does it also happen to you to work on CAD or applications of this kind that you can share with the screensharing function?"
Giuliano Capizzi:"Yes, too. It happens especially with the Indian manufacturing, in which case the need to discuss of collaborative projects is frequent."

Feedback Italia:"What is the average user’s identikit's average? what does he do? (technical, communication, service field...?)"
Giuliano Capizzi:"The population using easymeeting™ is a mixed picture, since it was first introduced in my office (Information Technology), but then it spread very quickly even to non-technical sectors. Among the examples that I can give you there is our Chinese representative who, twice a week, reports to the Purchasing Manager using easymeeting™ even from remote locations, such hotels or the marketing department that has adopted him, actually, for the regular meeting with focal points distributed all over the world: they do many different uses! easymeeting™ was introduced as an alternative to the closure of Skype™ happened for two main reasons: because it had the same functionality and only a OnetoOne use, but mainly because - for safety reasons - it was a weak point for this company. That's why Skype™ was closed (in terms of business policy), but at the same time it was necessary to provide an alternative to those who used it, and so we introduced easymeeting™."

Feedback Italia:"In terms of computing skills, users are therefore not people with specific IT expertise and they neither have special practice with the computer..."
Giuliano Capizzi:"Absolutely! We have started a training program because we wanted the software to be understood in all its functionalities, but we have noticed that many people have already started using it absolutely independently without any training."

Feedback Italia:"This is definitely positive! Now let's talk instead of weaknesses, because it cannot be always a bed of roses, right? What were the difficulties? You have a large organization actually, everything cannot always goes smoothly: I guess there have been hitches ... "
Giuliano Capizzi:"The difficulties were not born so much from the tool itself but more from the fact that one of the requirements for an optimum use, or at least acceptable, is the network infrastructure on which the software runs. Precisely for this reason (related to the use of easymeeting™ and then, at the same time, aimed at encouraging its use) last year has been launched a project which has reviewed all the network infrastructure of the Group’s branches all around world: in fact we have more "problems" where there is weak connectivity, regardless the software. In these cases it was necessary to reveal some tricks that allow users to use the tool or to optimize its use."

Feedback Italia:"Of course, to manage a conscious use of the band and make it functional to video communication utilization. By the way, is the scheduler used to fix meetings?"
Giuliano Capizzi:"Yes, of course it is. The periodic meetings that are made with the marketing focal point or the IT ones as well worldwide are scheduled all through the easymeeting™ scheduler."

Feedback Italia:"So, from a hand the scheduler and from the other Instant Messaging?"
Giuliano Capizzi:"The Instant Messaging agent is a separate part, since it had spread almost immediately, due to be a versatile and very easy tool. It’s evident that we are in a phase where we're wondering what to do to further increase the returns that can result from such a tool, and the training is going in this direction indeed. In fact we organized the training at two levels: to enable those who already had been trained previously to investigate aspects that maybe in the first session haven’t seemed necessary."

Feedback Italia:"Regarding this, I gave a look at the report of Ms. Rossella De Palo, our Customer Care Manager, about your training: I noticed that the training has been organized by groups: from basic users to those who are more advanced. Any suggestions for improvement? What are the features that you might need or also small details that, if implemented, could improve your use?"
Giuliano Capizzi:"I must say that the easymeeting™ client is even too full – so we use part of all the functionalities that the tool provides. I believe that to provide a client based on customers’ requirements could be interesting, because what is actually used, as often happens, has potentials exploited at least. So there is nothing to improve better, maybe there is to calibrate, in my opinion, according to the target users to whom you approach."

Feedback Italia:"This is also one of the improvements that we would like to introduce: i.e. allowing to set options and features to keep enabled already in the configuration level. In this way everyone can decide which icons to display on the interface depending on the use that’s more frequent. A future version definitely will have this option."
Giuliano Capizzi:"In fact a sort of “configurator” would be very useful if, in terms of groups of users, it defines exactly the functionalities you need more or less, because - I speak for the experiences we had in this company - there are distinct groups of users . In fact this could be a great solution because sometimes having so many features - Office itself is an example! - may induce fear or confusion, and initially you are disoriented."

Feedback Italia:"Sure, it's true! And what about the support services, helpdesk, training? Is everything ok? Just your opinion about my colleagues!"
Giuliano Capizzi:"So far as to require technical support it never happened until now, the few issues were resolved very quickly. Regarding the training support, nothing to complain and I want to congrate with you because it’s gone well thanks to your support. Here it is not easy because we are many, and so the big problem was being able to match the agendas ...."

Feedback Italia:"... and to schedule all over the world according to the different time zones! I think, at this point, the interview is absolutely complete and comprehensive. If you want to add something ... "
Giuliano Capizzi:"Yes, regarding a project we are planning to start this year, i.e. to review our intranet to let it become the portal of entry in the company for any person holding the domain profile, directly during switching on of the machine. The idea that we are evaluating is to put the easymeeting™ client within the portal, so that it would be a feature already inherent in the group."

Feedback Italia:"It 's really good: for this you can consider our support at your disposal, you have just to call us!"
Giuliano Capizzi:"Ok, then we will call you for sure…."

Feedback Italia:"Fine. I really want to thank you for this brief interview that I think can end now... Thank you very much."
Giuliano Capizzi:"You are welcome!"



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