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The new easymeeting™ Beta for PlayBook at BlackBerry I.F.


Milan, 25th of november 2011. In occasion of the BlackBerry innovation Forum 2011, Feedback Italia presented the easymeeting™ Beta version for PlayBook. The company decided to present this project at the insiders during the Innovation Forum. This project allows the Rim tablets to officially enter the world of interactive videocommunication via easymeeting™. As usual it is an entirely software solution that does not require a specific hardware because it uses the native devices from the Canadian multinational company's 'tablet. This solution is also very important in the scenario of easymeeting's developments for tablets.

Alessio Banich from Rim opened the session dedicated to the ''consumerization of the mobile communication in business''. During this session Roberto Giustiniani- ACI Informatica's member of the Market Development’s Direction- and, of course, Franco FortisFeedback Italia's CEO- were invited to participate and to talk about their own experience with easymeeting™'s beta version for PlayBook. The session carried out in a integrated way and resulted dynamic, thanks to the strong partnership between ACI Informatica and Feedback Italia.

''The new generation tablet, such as Balckberry's Playbook, represents the device able to combine, in the most efficient way, the experience of private/personal fruition with the one on the job'' With this phrase Giustiniani quotes a practical case of interactive help desk via easymeeting™ that permitted to resolve, in real time, a technical critical urgency. ''ACI's objective fundamentally remains the transmission's security, that is granted by easymeeting, since its 'client-server' architecture and audio, video and documents' streamed are encrypted in an independent way, in order to assure the privacy of communication''.

Franco Fortis then continued his intervention, analysing the application in all its particulars, thanks to the live connection with a dozen people who used every sort of platform. For example they used the new PlayBook but also PC, notebook and Mac, they also rather used traditional videoconferences or simple phone calls.

''easymeeting™ is very simple to use but at the mean time it provides extremely elevated standards. For this reason it can be easily seen as the ''bridge'' between the private experience and the one related to work. The user friendly interface, the work collaboration's functionalities and the ones for the real time formation/training bring this product to not have a specific area of interest, for this reason it can be used in many different ways. This reduces the border-line between public and private, thus increases the work productivity.''

In order to experience how this is real, the appointment is for the end of the year on, when the official versions for PlayBook, that we managed to see in preview at BIF, and iPad2 will be contemporaneously launched. For those who have a tablet Android the attendance won't bee too long, its release is estimated in the first quarter of 2012.



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