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How does it work?

The platform for
secure communication
in audio, video and data

easymeeting ™ is the software platform for the Secure and Unified Communications and Collaboration. It ensures privacy and data encryption while promoting an efficient user interaction across multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) and devices (PCs , tablets and smartphones).

The easymeeting™ software features two different modules: the easymeeting™ Client for video conferencing, and easymeetingOnCall, its full-featured instant messenger.

By configuring their settings, privileges and permissions, the System Administrator can create and manage users and groups. On a general basis, users and user groups can participate in video conferencing, chat, exchange documents, stream videos, collaborate on remote applications, send or share presentations and have training sessions and tests. Each session with all its related contents (audio, video and data) can be recorded either locally or in the Cloud.

Versatile and high-performing, easymeeting™ also allows to involve in the conference a wide range of endpoints, from traditional H.323 videoconferencing systems to GSM phones and audio conferencing rooms.

Based on a client-server software architecture, easymeeting™ server can be installed within the customer private network, integrating existing mechanisms (LDAP, VPN, Multicast/Unicast) and ensuring the maximum control of the system. easymeeting™ is also available as a Cloud service: just take advantage of Feedback’s and Feedback partners’ DataCenter facilities, without need to worry about server management troubles.

As an essential work tool, easymeeting™ fully integrates into your daily corporate environment: it boosts your corporate efficiency and security, while cutting costs and improving internal teamwork and communications.

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