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Technical analysis

The platform for
secure communication
in audio, video and data

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and customizations
easymeeting™ is the Unified Communication and Collaboration platform designed to assure the maximum level of security.
The system architecture covers the full communication chain, from clients to server, avoiding peer-to-peer situation.
We encrypt everything: audio-video communication, data transfer and application sharing.

Our solution guarantees that all your communication will follow a specific and secure path.

The easymeeting™ server can be installed in your private network, to provide services inside a fully controlled environment and to add further security elements (such as encryption, standard, proprietary or military-grade VPN tools, etc.)....
We offer the total control of the technology platform and the unique opportunity of a complete know-how transfers and source code visibility. This allows the customer to dominate directly the system and personally verify the non-existence of backdoors and “trojan codes”.
Moreover, you can completely customise your UCC platform and manage all the system configurations as, for example, bandwidth consumption, user’s profiles and user’s/group’s/conference’s functionalities.



easymeeting™ is based on a Client-Server architecture to avoid the behaviour of peer-to-peer systems, that do not allow to control the specific route.

Server security

  • Tested for buffer overflow analysis, code injection for TCP communication, SQLl injection
  • The database server (DBMS) is accessible only by the application server itself and only by authorized users

Signalling and authentication security
(client/server communication)

  • Users can login with username and password; strong authentication system by X.509 digital certificate (RSA algorithm up to 8192 bit) and smart card or crypto-token USB are available
  • Client/Server authentication is based on a single TCP connection (default port 9010), encrypted with TWOFISH or AES keys (256 bit)
  • Encryption keys can be negotiated dynamically; easymeeting™ can use the Diffie-Hellman ephemeral mode keys exchange to allow the PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) in Transport Layer Security

Client security

  • all media streams (audio/video/data) are encapsulated in a UDP tunnel, that can be encrypted using different symmetric algorithms (AES, IDEA, TWOFISH, SERPENT, CAMELIA with 256 bit keys)
  • easymeeting™ creates different keys for each session and dynamically changes them at given intervals.


Supported devices

easymeeting™ is available for PC, MAC, Tablet and smartphone.
Client minimum hardware and OS requirements are:

  • Pentium IV 2Ghz
  • RAM 512MB
  • Webcam, microphone
  • O.S. Windows Vista, 7 or superior.

easymeeting™ client for MAC is available for Mac OS 10.5 Leopard or later.
easymeeting™ and easymeetingOnCall apps are available for iPad2 (or later), iPhone4 and Android 3.0 (or later).


Network characteristics

Videoconferences in Cloud mode (and/or during the free trial period) connect to the public easymeeting™ server, so all users need an Internet Access Point.
The easymeeting™ client searches for the best communication channel, and it adapts to LAN internal policies.

easymeeting™ uses UDP protocol for audio video and TCP protocol for signalling and authentication ( TCP 8010 + 8014 and 9010 + 9014 and UDP 60000 ports). For the best communication quality we suggest to open those ports, accepting (both in and out) udp/tcp traffic only from and to our public easymeeting™ servers.


easymeeting™ server

Server minimum hardware and OS requirements are:

  • Processor: Xeon Quad Core
  • RAM 8GB
  • USB port for hardware key server
  • O.S. Windows Server 2008/2012 or later.


System Architecture

The easymeeting™ system architecture can run either in IP multicast mode (to optimize network traffic in case of a multicast enabled network) or in IP unicast mode.
The configuration adapts to the Customer's needs: from a single server - which enables up to 4.000 concurrent users videoconferencing at the same time - to a ‘carrier-grade’ architecture. In the last case the architecture is intended to provide service to several thousand concurrent users, structured to be flexible and modular with rapid potential growth in terms of number of managed users. The system allows to collect service usage data, in order to provide statistics and billing management. Furthermore, you can add and configure plugin modules, such as the management of the traditional video conferencing via H.323 gateway. For an in-depth analysis of schemas and architectures, a technical document is available upon request at the following email address: [email protected].


Integrations and customizations

Entirely designed and developed by Feedback Italia, easymeeting, can be fully customized to meet specific needs and requirement, also adding stand-alone plugins.

Traditional videoconferencing

For example, you can further add modules for the management of H.323 videoconferencing systems using the easymeeting H.323 gateway. The same module allows to call users with GSM phones, who can listen to the meeting and interact by voice.
H.323 gateway H.323 for easymeeting™ With easymeeting™ Gateway is it possible to interface and call H.323 endpoints (a single H.323 unit, a H.323 MCU, a GSM or a H.324 mobile videophone).


Moodle logo In the training field another customization is highly requested: the integration between easymeeting™ and Moodle, the asynchronous open-source platform.
Thanks to this integration:

  • easymeeting sessions are internal objects of Moodle
  • documents synchronization between the e-learning back office and the videoconferencing platform is available
  • the polling system collects all videolearning results
  • the easymeetings archive is available directly in Moodle

Take a look at the architectural schema below: Moodle and easymeeting

Outlook plugin

Enterprise/Secure Server Customer can ask for the customization of Outlook plugin to schedule new easymeeting sessions directly from Microsoft Outlook and invite people from their Contacts. Moreover, any already planned meeting can be converted in a easymeeting™.
easymeeting™ email invitation
Once the session is scheduled, an email invitation is automatically sent to all attendees, providing all details as well as the direct link for the login to the session.

Outlook plugin is not available for ASP/Cloud/free trial Customers.


Since the first usage, the System Administrator can configure groups, users and conference templates, customizing:

  • audio/video quality, maximum bandwidth consumption and maximum number of participants;
  • bandwidth consumption for file sending and application sharing;
  • conferencing available functions (documents upload, H.323 gateway, videolearning, booking order, etc);
  • security PIN to log into the conferences;
  • type of conferences (normal, list, One to World, People to World, etc).

All users are fully customizable:

  • bandwidth consumption (audio, video, data) and "only audio" mode available for phone users (or under low bandwidth conditions);
  • enabling/disabling specific functions (meeting recording, whiteboard, chat, auto-enabling on the Full-Duplex channels, Power Point synchronization);
    • enabling/disabling specific software modules (easymeetingOnCall instant messenger and conference scheduling/system administration with easymeeting Scheduler);
    • conferencing roles (normal user or supervisor).

The layout of easymeeting™ platform is fully customizable to meet Customer needs, including colors, fonts, logo, toolbar icons and emphazised functionalities.


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