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New easymeeting™ release for Windows


The new version of easymeeting™ for Windows has been developed with one single purpose: making simpler and easier the various functionalities.

From today, beside the usual modality to start an easymeeting session through the icon on the desktop, there is a new way to access: you must simply click on the icon "e" on easymeetingOnCall below the list of your contact, insert the name of the conference and start immediatly a session with your colleagues and favourite contacts!

This way makes easier the process of identification: in fact you don't' have to insert anymore your personal username and password, but it's enough just typing the name of the conference you want to access.

Another new interesting update available with the new client allows to remove the entire background of easymeeting™ leaving just the full duplex channels and the document window on the desktop floating and free to be positioned according to your need. It's possible to activate this function through the Client Configurator → Basic Setup → Interface → remove the flag "v" from the "Background Window". From the next rebooting will be possible seeing the result: something definitely to not miss!

Many are the news also regarding the screenshare - the tool that allows you to share your desktop and your applications - that from the latest release is enriched with another interesting visualization modality.

Right clicking on the screenshare icon on the toolbar, the user can decide to show the content of one specific application (e.g. an excel sheet) without showing all the applications open on the screen, that are automatically hidden. Whereas is possible to show all the applications open except for one in particular with the option "All except".

Even the user who sees the window of a screen shared has a new feature: the window of the screenshare in fact is automatically resized according to the choice of the user ensuring to show all the area without missing neither a pixel!

Last but not the least the full compliance of the documents and videolearning tagger with the suite Microsoft Office 2010.

What is left?...Just trying the new features by yourself! Go to and download the new version of easymeeting™!



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