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In today’s ever-connected world, organizations need to face fast-changing security threats: that’s why we engineered encrypThink, a full range of enterprise security products and solutions to complement our Customers’ infrastructure.

encrypThink secures every sensitive communication, delivering a flexible and modular deployment. In fact, we let our Customer chose where they want their data to be stored and give them the chance to manage their own security, offering the best deployment solution for their business.

Depending on which kind of target you are and which is your organization’s complexity, encrypThink implements a scalable approach and helps you set appropriate levels of security:


  • easymeeting™: representing our cloud based solution, it grants seamless and secure communication features and unlimited scalability coupled with ultimate encryption technology.
  • Hushmeeting Black Box Server: featuring an on premises deployment, it is the best option for those Customers who want to store their data in a privately controlled data center, configuring and managing their own server.
  • Hushmeeting Secure Server: with the server installed within the Customer private network, this option offers the Customer maximum control over the technology thanks to a full know-how transfer.
  • Hushmeeting devices: in order to further increase the security of your communications, our Hushmeeting enterprise solutions can be matched with our encrypted Phone, PC and Protector, to detect and prevent any attack and intrusion affecting both the software and hardware components.




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