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Federazione Medico Sportiva Italiana (F.M.S.I.) (the Italian Federation of Sports Medicine) is the technical body - founded by C.O.N.I in 1929 - composed by the scientific and operational democratic organization in which Italian medical specialists in Sports Medicine promote: the health protection in physical and sporting activities, sport as a social factor for the awareness and prevention of physical and moral improvement. Furthermore it promotes the scientific research on implications for psycho-physical aptitude of the sport in its various aspects, the teaching, the prevention and protection from damage to health, however caused - by accident, fraud or malice - during sports and physical activities. Since 1971, the Federation is also involved in the prevention and prosecution of doping. To optimize internal activities, meetings, training and updating of the members, for easy and immediate communication among its 20 regional offices and more rapid coordination with the central body, the FMSI - in technical partnership with ACI Informatica - decided to use easymeeting™, the software for interactive video communication developed by Feedback Italia.

On May 9, 2006 the Federazione Medico Sportiva Italiana with Società Italiana di Cardiologia dello Sport organized the National Conference "The prescription of the physical exercise within cardiology - Official presentation of the Consensus’ Cardiologic Document of the muti-companies Task Force. The conference was held at the Hall of Honour of C.O.N.I and was chaired by Maurizio Casasco, President of FMSI. During the conference the benefits of physical activity on the cardiovascular system have been examined analyzing the potential risks associated and the possibilities to avoid them. Rational principles and how prescribe physical activity within cardiology have been described during the meeting, and then were examined strategies to counter the population sedentary in general.

easymeeting™ has allowed to extending the audience of the conference at the C.O.N.I booth present at the same time in the ForumPA in Rome, as well as in the FMSI headquarters in Turin and Milan. In this way the other sites have been able to attend the conference and the renewal of management positions independently by the distance among the sites.

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