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Ospedale Martini - Turin Hospital
Observatory of Turin


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Ospedale Martini - Turin

Ospedale Martini

The OSPEDALE MARTINI di TORINO is a long-standing case history of video-medical communication: the structure uses easymeeting™ to assist in distance operations, to give advice, make courses, conferences and to communicate with other territories.

Started in January 14th 2005 with the inauguration of the new Department of Otolaryngology, during which the easymeeting™ system was used in laryngeal surgery in real time at the presence of the authorities and the main experts worldwide, the collaboration continues today with new ideas and developments (in May 2010 was presented the Simula Project for medical education at distance on dedicated portal).

  • On May 6th 2005, through a common ADSL connection, a video communication session has made with the CTO Hospital in Turin, in order to do medical and nursing training from the operating room of the first to the conference room of the second.
  • On September 15th 2005, via an innovative satellite connection, was made a day of live surgery with the General Hospital of Modena.
  • On October 21st 2005, the system was used for an internal connection during a congress about the pain analgesic therapy.

Beyond the public events, the system is used daily in the hospital intranet for the exchange of data among the various rooms.

Press releases:
Press release 15th May 2010
Press release 23rd November 2007
Press release 15th September 2005
Press release 6th May 2005

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