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Collecting and managing
votes in real time.

Feedback Italia has developed, as add-on module to FeedbackVOTE, the vote’s technology RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to supplement or replace the radio control.
The managing of the RFID voting is done through dedicated modules of FeedbackVOTE, allowing you to have the control of all the assembly’s phases, from those previous the assembly itself (flow of participants, delegations and representatives) to the identification of shareholders, until the mechanisms of the vote (simple, list, multiple, etc.) and final reporting.

In particular, through the RFID vote each participant receives, at the first entry, a badge on which there are the votes that can be expressed. The system also allows for a differential vote, for example, in case of delegates representing diverse groups of shareholders.

The voting stations - integrated and highly technological columns with RFID reader, LCD monitors (including touch screen) and a completely customizable graphics according to customer requirements - enable the collection, even simultaneously, of different kind of votes. Each station also indicates to the central system once the voting process is finished.

The system is monitored in real time in all its variables through the central management system that allows switching on and off of the power and the remote control of each station. For the assembly’s purposes, the system provides data about the meeting and about the development of the votes live on screens or through text messages directly o the board of director’s table.



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