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Telecom Italia

Telecom Italia is a primary partner for Feedback Italia because it is a distributor, through its entire commercial network, of the products developed by the company in Moncalieri. Regarding the description of the trade relation between the two realities and their case histories, then refer to the Partners section of the site. Read more >>

Feedback Italia in collaboration with Telecom Italia has provided the interactive video communication system easymeeting™ during various exposures on Italian piazzas of ITA45, the beautiful silver hull Luna Rossa winner of the America's Cup in 2000.

Among the events related to the White Night in Rome on September 17th 2005, Piazza del Popolo was put in connection with the most famous Italian Yacht Clubs and their sailing schools: the guys were then able to ask their questions to the team which led Luna Rossa to victory. The love for the sea, the wind and the sail has been the common denominator for children of Trieste, Genoa, Naples and Rimini: a simple tool to enable all - beyond the actual distance – to live their passion as protagonists, questioning the skipper De Angelis, the sailor Andrea Stella and the Olympic champion of surfing Alessandra Sensini through the skillful host of the sports reporter Paolo Cecinella from La7 channel.

From the 8th to the 16th of October - during the Genoa Boat Show - ITA45 was exposed in the nearby Piazza Caricamento allowing all visitors to experience live what was happening simultaneously in Trapani – that was the Louis Vuitton Cup, preliminary of America's Cup to be held the summer after in Valencia, Spain. During the connections it was possible to ask questions to the staff of the Prada’s boat, to comment on the outcome of the event, to visit the paddock of Trapani. In addition to people who visited the exhibition and the common passers-by, once again the children of all the Luna Rossa sailing school of Italy have been involved.

On 1st July 2006 easymeeting™ has connected Luna Rossa ITA45, shown in Piazza Plebiscito in Naples, with Valencia - where the ACT12 of the Louis Vuitton Cup was going to take place, in front of the Mayor Rosa Russo Jervolino and the skipper De Angelis.

And then, still many other connections between the Yacht Club and Valencia during next month’s: l'November the 8th and 12th and December the 15th for Christmas greetings with Genoa.

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TELECOM ITALIA of 1st July 2006: "Luna Rossa sbarca a Napoli"
TELECOM ITALIA of 8th October 2005: "Luna Rossa sbarca a Piazza Caricamento a Genova"
TELECOM ITALIA of 8th October 2005: "Luna Rossa a Piazza del Popolo a Roma"

Photogallery: Luna Rossa ITA45’s exhibition in piazza Caricamento in Genoa from October the 8th to the 16th 2005



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