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Unione Industriali di Varese


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Unione Industriali di Varese


UNIONE INDUSTRIALI DI VARESE has chosen to use, thanks to the valuable input provided by Telecom Italia, the easymeeting™ software and its related services of help desk and remote training for its own internal daily meetings.

Over the course of time and the strengthening of the partnership with Telecom Italia, the service has been extended to the communications with the members in order to create a strong and innovative relationship with the Union. This has been a starting point to also suggest the use of easymeeting™ within companies through a perspective focused even on training, thanks to the contribution that Fondimpresa may provide for this type of planning. In fact, the Fund has focused the attention on the specific needs of each company and its employees, creating a funding system that provides rapid economic resources and gives priority to the training demand of enterprises: in this scenario the adoption of the video communication software easymeeting™ fits well where its use should be functional to the provision of training in companies.

The Industrial Union of Varese has created in this way, in December the 3rd, a live training via easymeeting™ for a meeting concerning the revision of Fondimpresa.
For this scope, the headquarters of Gallarate interacted with Varese, Roma and the headquarters of Company, where was connected Giorgio Fossa, former President of Confindustria and Chairman of Fondimpresa: Thanks to the skillful moderation of Elvio Mauri, the word is then passed to the President of Univa dr. Gandini for the ritual greetings.
The lawyer Lignola, CEO of Fondimpresa, then described the news about the fund and he answered to all the questions even using the integrated support of Power Point presentations for better explain the concepts.

Obviously, after this first connection many others took place; the last in chronological order, on last 18th October 2010.



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