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On April 20th 2006, VALEAS - historic Italian pharmaceutical company founded in Milan in 1934 - in collaboration with FadTV held a conference for medical training to pediatricians using our software to allow the video communication among the various meeting rooms to let them interact one to each other.

Through easymeeting™ 200 doctors, over 4 different sites (Milan, Florence, Perugia and Catania) attended the training day in which was presented a software that allows statistical surveys on drug testing. This software has been distributed free to all participating pediatricians to allow the company to collect data on symptoms and side effects of drugs administered to patients in the pediatric range. In fact, it became clear that in childhood the systems in changing react differently from the adults’ ones: in this context recent studies have shown the need to pass from a simple reduction of the adult’s dosage to a realization of ad hoc dedicated drugs. The distribution of the Valeas’ software for statistical surveys highlighted then the company focus towards younger patients.

Given the sensitivity of the issue and the possibility given by easymeeting™ to each doctor to ask questions directly to the CEO and to the scientific director of the pharmaceutical company, the debate has been long and animated. The attention through which all locations have been following the action shows how this kind of training event is particularly appreciated by companies – for the possibility of the immediate access to any city at low costs – and by the user whom the meeting was addressed to - for the direct interaction with top business representatives, difficult to obtain with other tools.

And, given the success achieved on 11st November of the same year, Valeas repeated the experiment by connecting 15 different cities and 800 specialists on the topic "Antibiotic therapy and pediatrics of the territory: of the upper respiratory tract infections".

Press release:
Press release of 11st November 2006



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