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Videocontactcenter at the PA Forum


On May 17th - 19th Feedback Italia, in collaboration with ACI Informatica, presented the project Video Contact Center at the PA Forum in Rome.

The video contact center kiosk allows to provide remote specific assistance through a network of info points or among the ACI desk points. Moreover, the service allows to decrease waiting time.

The video contact center kiosk has been designed to be fully ergonomic and accessible from people with handicap as well. Through the video contact center it is possible, with a remote operator’s assistance, to fill forms or apply for particular services. The Agent offers continuous support to the user, helping him/her to fill digital documents. The user signature is then digitally acquired through a graphic tablet. The final doc can be printed locally by the user and remotely by the operator, in order to guarantee the full transparency of the communication.

The video contact center Kiosk at the PA Forum was simulating the case of a PEC (certified e-mail) activation request, that still forces the user to be phisically present at a PA desk for the activation process.

The Italian Ministry for the Public Function Renato Brunetta showed full appreciation for the solution during his speech at the Forum convention, stessing the importance of such a solution in order to ensure the PA presence on the territory anywhere at any time.



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