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The Kiosk

Help desk and customer
care in audio, video and

Videocontactcenter has also available in the kiosk version which can be customized according to customer requirements. The totem is designed for an intuitive and a natural access even for disabled people and it can be placed on high traffic points (lobby, airports, shopping malls, etc...) rather than on branches with high access to help in managing the queues. The kiosk can provide specialist assistance in uncomfortable areas without forcing anyone, for example, to move to the nearest town.

At a structural level, the totem has mechanisms for audio and video capture for a normal interpersonal relationship, a reader for the identity certification, a tablet for the digital signature capture, a keyboard to complete locally documents and, certainly, a printer. All hardware elements are integrated into the system and they are not removable, this to create a unique structure that can be customized in shape, size and in graphics features according to the requirements. In a specific case, once the user is approaching the station, the remote operator activates the interaction and verifies the identity of the person through a cross-checking between the identity card and the video image in the remote system.

In this way the operator provides real-time assistance through audiovisual conversation and he supports the needs of the remote user by sending a digital copy of the document requested. The operator assists in the compilation, thanks to the possibility to write at four hands on the document and, at the end the process, the signature is scanned.

The form is then processed and printed locally by the operator as a copy for the user; furthermore, the document is saved in the database to store formally the request.

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