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Vote through Internet


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Vote through Internet

Collecting and managing
votes in real time.

Following the entry into force of Legislative Decree January 27, 2010 No 27 transposing the Directive 2007/36/EC on the exercise of certain rights of shareholders in listed companies, the Internet voting system developed by Feedback Italia for foreign markets has been adapted to the new regulatory requirements. Moreover, since the system has been fully developed in our laboratories, you can always customize completely according to the future regulations for implementing the legislation and the customer requirements, and/or based on the integration with its systems.

In particular, the Directive has as main purpose the increasing of participation of the members at the Shareholders’ work activities, indicating a range of tools and procedures for an easy access to the management of the assembly. For example, the Directive encourages the possibility of remote participation of members, of delegates and of representatives; it tries to simplify the procedures of delegation and also to encourages participation in the preparatory work of the assembly, especially for what concerns the aspects of the interaction among members and society (e.g. questions, discussion, etc.).

Thanks to the integration with easymeeting™, the Internet voting system developed by Feedback Italia allows both the real time audio and video use of the Shareholders’ meeting (either directly from your PC, following the presentation of data with PowerPoint support asking questions live and voting in real time with the members physically present in the room) and the management of pre-assembly stages.

The system allows, in addition to time of the "Assembly", the complete interaction of the partner with the company even before the Assembly itself. In particular: • through the request for documentation • through the ability to ask questions to the company even before the Assembly itself • through the expression of the vote by mail.

The system provides the ability to identify the partner in "pending" receiving the requests over the Web and, by the "record date", recognizing or not him as a member and therefore processing his requests according to the customer preferences.

Additionally, the system also takes those parts of the legislation that in other countries were already used since a long time, such as the managing of delegations, the joint representative appointed by the Company and the complete managing of the votes by correspondence. On this last point, it is worth emphasizing that it is possible for representatives to manage their delegations and their expressions to vote independently and since the pre-assembly phase, after the Record Date.



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