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we cannot disclose our Clients.

we can picture their sectors:


While information has become the most valuable asset for any organization, this assumption is particularly true for governments, intelligence and military authorities.

Our iron-clad solutions deliver secure video conferencing while promoting good governance, equity and citizens’ access to public services.

Moreover, they offers significant benefits in emergency scenarios, helping to make real-time situational assessments, connecting field agents and improving inter-agency collaboration thanks to our wearable solutions.


Our encrypted videocommunication solutions help you add the human touch to your business and stand out in today’s digital world.

When talking about their savings, Customers prefer seeing who they are talking to: bring financial collaboration to the next level providing immediate expert consultations and help your Clients invest, trust, borrow and manage their portfolios, enabling richer face-to-face interaction from home or even from kiosks.

Also, having branches around the country or even the world can be great but not necessarily practical: our iron-clad solutions enable staff to collaborate remotely thanks to a combinations of video conferencing features, interactive whiteboard and content sharing tools.


With confidentiality always key, our secure videocommunication solutions make remote consultation and diagnosis a concrete possibility, offering patient privacy through encryption and an easy way to join video calls regardless of what device and system they are on.

It also offers cutting-edge training opportunities: medical students or professionals from all over the country or even from abroad can benefit from specialist training from subject matter experts, or even observe unusual medical procedures remotely.


Our remote videocommunication solutions can improve their operational efficiency, making faster, better decisions while reducing costs and increasing production flexibility and collaboration. Teams can come together without the need for expensive travels, yet maximising creative output through face-to-face communication and content sharing.

Thay also facilitate troubleshooting and issues diagnosis, helping improve product quality, also integrating with smart glasses technologyconnected helmets and other wearable devices for hands-free live remote assistance.


Our secure videocommunication solutions can enhance distance learning programs, enabling students to remotely join the class and even allowing them to test their understanding of the key concepts thanks to our remote polling feature.

Allowing to extend the learning experience beyond classroom walls, they also allow to record the full sessions including audio, video and shared media, so that it can be shared and played later on.