The World’s First Software and Hardware Protected PC

Designed to create and share highly confidential documents and information, the Hushmeeting PC features an hardenized Linux-based host OS and a sandboxed Windows or Linux guest OS.

Thanks to a virtualization layer that separates the guest OS from the hardware peripherals, it allows to securely link the public Internet and enhance your productivity without giving up security.

To avoid USB-based exploits, no direct file import is allowed and all uploaded files are sent to the Centralized Antivirus for automatic preliminary analysis.

The embedded Anomalies Detection System constantly checks incoming and outgoing traffic, providing alerts in case of anomalies.

State-of-the-Art, Full-Disk Encryption

paired with our post-quantum encrypted audio
video and data communication application

Plausible Deniability

plus a non-bypassable VPN connection for
unparelleled privacy and protection

Self-destruct Feature

ensured by our proprietary tamper-proof clamshell in case of physical hacking attempts, using lasers, acids, cutting tools

Read-Only, No-Direct File Import System

to avoid USB-based exploits, paired with a Centralized
Antivirus System for automatic preliminary analysis

End-to-end Encrypted Emails

allowing to share secure documents via our
secure mail manager, Hushmail

Hardenized Linux-based OS

paired with a sandboxed Windows or Linux guest OS to separate and protect the hardware peripherals