Combining more than twenty years of cybersecurity know-how with software and hardware technologies, Feedback Italia presents you the first phone that can’t be hacked.

Featuring a proprietary hardware architecture that runs a custom hardened OS offering 256-bit AES encryption, the Hushmeeting phone allows to detect and prevent hardware-based-, malware-, trojans-, forensic and physical attacks.

Thanks to the embedded Protector, physically separating the mainboard running the OS from the wireless communication chipset, the Hushmeeting Phone allows to securely link the public Internet, creating a safe 3G/4G/5G and WiFi bridging

No forensic analysis can be performed on the device as no data can be extracted via the USB port.

The device includes a SD slot for encryption secure module and hardware-based kill switches that disable the camera and microphone, also stopping all network connectivity, including GPS during critical missions.

Moreover, a self-destruct feature has been introduced to allow remote locking and wiping functionality in emergency situations.

Our post-quantum encrypted audio video and data communication app integrates the Hushmeeting Phone layered security protection, allowing to make secure audio- and videocalls, send encrypted chat messages, emails, use camera and all basic functionalities, with utmost security and privacy.

Don’t trust a Black Box: secure your mobile communications with Hushmeeting!

hardware architecture

designed and assembled in Italy with security in mind (including an SD slot for encryption secure module). 

hardened OS

offering 256-bit AES
encryption for layered hardware and software security.


to allow remote locking and wiping functionality in emergency situations.


allowing iron-clad audio- and videocalls, encrypted chat messages, emails, and safe camera usage.

Protector module

separating the
mainboard running the OS from the wireless communication chipset.

No data

via USB-C port to avoid
unauthorized forensic analysis.

Still uncertain about the importance of using an Hushmeeting Phone?

We are pretty sure these recent news regarding phone hacking incidents may help you reconsider:

Fortified Communication:
Our Rugged Hushmeeting Phone

Meet our ultimate solution for secure and confidential conversations in the most demanding environments.
Designed to withstand extreme conditions while prioritizing data security, this device sets the standard for reliable communication in mission-critical situations.


Designed and assembled to withstand extreme conditions while providing enhanced security through strong encryption, our rugged Hushmeeting Phone can be customized with specialized features such as a walkie-talkie / Push-to-Talk function, thermal imaging cameras, or support for external sensors.

for the most challenging envieronments

With a bold design, that protects the device from drops, impacts, and exposure to water, dust, or extreme temperatures, it works on any IP connectivity (including satellite, WiFi, 5G, NTN) to ensure users can stay connected in remote areas with limited network coverage.

YOUr trusted companion

Our rugged Hushmeeting Phone prioritizes security by incorporating advanced encryption protocols, secure communication channels, and strong authentication methods for classified communications, that makes it particularly suitable for professionals in fields like law enforcement and the military sector.