On September 29th 2016, Feedback Italia has obtained the ISO 9001/UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for its quality management system

Feedback Italia intends to strengthen its presence on the market, both nationally and internationally, through the achievement of important goals that range from the strengthening of the Company image to the high specialization in the field, being utterly convinced that quality resides not only in the ability to meet the customer requirements, but also the capacity to propose new solutions.

The activities undertaken by the organization are: software development and assistance, provision of video communication services and electronic voting, as well as the provision of multimedia services over IP and the sales and the assistance of hardware and software tools. In defining its policy Feedback Italia has considered:

  • The never-stopping research for the full satisfaction of all explicit and implicit customers’ requirements relating to products and services;
  • The enforcement of the mandatory laws and regulations relating to the products and the activities;
  • The continuous improvement of the quality management system and its processes and products;
  • The level of customer satisfaction;The needs and expectations of the property;
  • The contributions of the suppliers;
  • The health and the safety of its employees/associates.

The prior commitment of Feedback Italia is to offer products and services obtained in compliance with the mandatory laws in the industry sector, customer requirements and high quality. The high specialization and the professionalism of all the employees along with the ability to adapt to the continuous innovations and to the market’s needs, have always been strategic factors of the organization which places Feedback Italia at the top of the market in which it operates.For Feedback Italia are essential the provision of services efficiently and effectively in terms of punctuality and speed of delivery, as well as in terms of technical and commercial support to customers. Feedback Italia also aims to the consolidation of assets to ensure the return on the invested capital in order to allow the Company to invest in its growth. In this context the Company undertakes to select their suppliers which have to be able to guarantee high quality products and the compliance with mandatory regulations.Regarding the employees and the staff, the organization pursues the dual objectives of a professional growth and a continuous improvement of the working environment and the level of security.Each year the Managing Director, based on data provided by the Quality System Manager and the other department managers, reviews and updates the policy, the goals and the related indicators to ensure the preservation of their effectiveness and, where possible, to improve them.

AP 05.1.2 Rev.: 3 del 19/06/2018