We are looking for iOS and MAC OS Developers to join our team in Moncalieri or remotely. You will work to deliver on key business initiatives, improve existing architecture and services, and design applications. The ideal candidate should have a background in  software development for MAC OS and iOS apps. This person should also be a motivated self-starter who is able to feel at ease working in a fast-paced environment.

 Collaboration in multi-disciplinary teams to define, design and deliver new features
• Technical and Functional Analysis
• Design and application development
• Realization and maintenance of project documentation
• Corrective and evolutionary maintenance of mobile application

• Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent culture
• Knowledge of 
Objective-C, Swift language
• Experience in developing 
macOS or iOS applications (iPhone and iPad) published on the Apple Store
• Knowledge of 
C/C++ language
XCode, Cocoa Experience
• Experience in the 
development of Frameworks and Extensions
• Knowledge of frameworks such as 
CallKit, PushKit, Intents, UserNotifications, Photos and AVFoundation
• Knowledge of 
UIKit and AutoLayout
• Good knowledge of 
Object Oriented software development
• Knowledge of the main standards and development methodologies
• Knowledge of the main 
systems and tools for source control (maven, gitlab)
• MultiThreaded programming skills
• Good knowledge of 
English, written and spoken
• Knowledge of the most common 
design patterns in general and MVC in particular
• Knowledge of issues related to 
native programming (NDK)
• Familiarity with 
APIs and Push mechanisms
• Experience in 
publishing Apps on The Stores
• Experience in the
 development of user interfaces

• Brilliant, proactive, open to discussion and dialogue
• Ability to quickly master new technologies to maximize efficiency in application development
• Strong orientation to the achievement of objectives
• Problem solving skills
• Compliance with deadlines and deadlines

• Knowledge of https, TLS, UDP, TCP, H323 communication protocols
• Writing of 
Project Documentation (UML, Sequence Diagrams, Class Diagrams)
• Knowledge of
 AES 256, OpenSSL, PGP encryption algorithms
• Knowledge of 
H264, MP4, Speex, MP3, AC-3 codecs
• Knowledge of 
• Knowledge of test automation
• Skills in application performance analysis
• Knowledge of the
 main relational DBs and in particular SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite
• Ability to manage a small work team (only for senior resources).
• Passion for UX and continuous improvement of the user experience
• Familiarity with MDM solutions

If you think you are a good fit for this position,