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Newly released documents reveal that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has been purchasing Americans’ browsing […]
According to The Washington Post, vietnamese government agents launched a brazen campaign to plant spyware on […]
Massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks impacted Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Cloudflare in August and […]
A China-linked hacker group known as UNC53 has exploited the continued use of USB drives in […]
Sony Interactive Entertainment (Sony) notified around 6,800 individuals, including current and former employees and their families, […]
Clorox, a famous US makers of bleach and other household cleaning products, has been forced to […]
According to Trend Micro, a new Linux-targeted backdoor named ‘SprySOCKS’ has been discovered while monitoring a […]
Apple has released a critical security update,16.6.1, for iPhones to address a zero-day vulnerability in iOS […]
Microsoft has detailed a new phishing campaign using Microsoft Teams to disseminate DarkGate Loader, a malware […]
According to the Daily Mirror, sensitive data related to British military and intelligence sites, including His […]
It’s been a hot summer for data breaches in the United Kingdom. On August 8, the […]
An exploit has been discovered in a fundamental Windows security mechanism that mandates all kernel drivers […]
According to The Wall Street Journal, China-linked hackers recently breached the cloud email accounts of U.S. […]
A massive cyberattack heavily impacted multiple Microsoft’s cloud services, including Azure, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, […]
A leaked document obtained by WIRED reveals that Spain, Ireland and other European countries have advocated […]
T-Mobile has experienced another data breach, with personal information belonging to hundreds of account holders being […]
LockBit, a notorius ransomware gang, has developed new ransomware capable of encrypting files on Apple’s macOS […]
Artemis Seaford, a former security policy manager at Meta, was allegedly wiretapped and had her phone […]
According to Google’s Project Zero team, a bunch of recently discovered vulnerabilities in Android phones from […]
ESET security researchers discovered a malware that can hijack a computer’s boot process even when Secure […]
According to Gazeta Wyborcza, a Polish daily newspaper critical of the ruling party, Poland’s Central Anti-Corruption […]
According to a report by Trellix researchers, a security flaw in Apple iOS and MAC OS […]
In early February, Mware ESXI servers around the world suffered an extensive targeted ransomware attack, exploiting […]
The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) announced a fine of €5.5 million for WhatsApp as a […]
Approximately 37 million T-mobile customer have been affected by a massive data breach, reports CNET. According […]
According to Wired, malware and spyware are being distributed using compromised Android platform certificate keys from […]
The spyware and surveillance-for-hire industry has never been so prosperous, reveals the newly released New York […]
According to app development and research team Mysk, iPhone usage data are not as anonynous as […]
According to Cybernews, a threat actor is selling a 2022 database of 487 million WhatsApp user […]
Email-based phishing attemps targeting Middle East citizens almost doubled in the lead up to the World […]
Moldova’s Justice Ministry confirmed that the private Telegram correspondence of at least two prominent Moldovan political […]